The Nation – Steven Hsieh

This Woman Sewed Money Together in Front of H&M to Make You Think About Your Shopping Habits

The Nation Magazine
Steven Hsieh on January 30, 2014 – 10:30 AM ET

Kat Eng

(Photo by Kyle Depew)

On January 17, Khmer-American artist Kat Eng sat for eight hours at the entrance of H&M’s flagship store in Times Square. She hunched over a hand-operated sewing machine, stitching together two and two-thirds dollar bills, the daily wage of a garment worker in Cambodia.

Eng said her performance was a direct response to a bloody crackdown of striking Cambodian workers on January 4, in which military police killed four people and wounded dozens more. She writes on her website, “It is an act of solidarity with the women who labor under the boot of multinational corporations and their collapsing industrial machines, women who literally create immense value with their own callused hands yet remain in poverty.”



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